SeaWings are dragons that can breathe underwater as well as on land. They have glow-in-the-dark stripes and patches to speak Aquatic, their underwater language. SeaWings are fairly good in combat, especially when using their powerful tails. They are usally blue, or green


Their huge, powerful tails can create waves when they hit the water. The luminescent stripes on their bodies can be used for communication. 

A seawing

They can breathe underwater and see in the dark.


The SeaWings were allied with Blister in the Great War

SeaWing QueenEdit

Queen Coral is mother of Orca (deceased), Tsunami, Anemone, and Auklet. She is a much more advanced queen than the others, as she has a very organized government and many special customs. She is friendly, but overprotective of her daughters because of all of her murdered hatchlings. In addition, Queen Coral enjoys writing scrolls and is likely one of the best or the best author in Pyrrhia. Some of her scrolls include "The Tragedy of Orca" and "The Missing Princess". She is known to be one of the greatest queens of all of Pyrrhia.