Characters                                                            Edit

If you would like to make up your own character, contact Riptide the Dashing or Cristil-the-Icewing and register it in the list below. You could also choose one of the adoptable characters in the list at the bottom of the page. We would prefer you choose a Seawing or an Icewing, but if you want you can choose another tribe. You are not required to make a story about your character, but we would like it. Some of the adoptable characters fit in stories already made.  The adoptable characters are organized by tribe. If you want, you can choose a profile picture from the collection of profile pictures next to the list of adoptable characters. The gender of the character is after their tribe. If you adopt a character, delete the information from this page and add it's first name and tribe to the list below. Please have fun with roleplay!
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Characters in useEdit

  • Cristil (Icewing) Girl
  • Frostbite (Icewing) Boy


Adoptable charactersEdit

  • Wave the Seawing (Girl)

    baby seawing profile picture

  • Flash the Seawing (Boy)
  • Surge the Seawing (Boy)
  • Delta the Seawing (Girl)
  • Mist the Seawing (Girl)
  • Cress the Seawing (Boy)
  • Foam the Seawing (Boy)
  • Icewing

    teen icewing profile picture

  • Slide the Icewing (Boy)
  • Frost the Icewing (Boy)
  • Icicle the Icewing (Girl)
  • Sleet the Icewing (Boy)

    baby nightwing profile picture


    toddler mudwing profile picture

    HNI 0044-1-

    nightwing profile picture

    HNI 0042-1-

    skywing profile picture

    HNI 0040-1-

    mudwing profile picture

    HNI 0041-1-

    rainwing profile picture

    HNI 0039-1-

    sandwing profile picture

  • Snow the Icewing (Boy)
  • Plateau the Icewing (Boy)
  • Flake the Icewing (Girl)
  • Claw the IceWing (Boy)
  • Shard the IceWing (Boy) War of the Queens
  • Zeal the Skywing (Girl) Prophecy
  • Nimbi the Skywing (Girl)
  • Nyx the Skywing (Girl)
  • Carbo the Skywing (Boy)
  • Cloud the Skywing (Boy)
  • Amythest the Skywing (Girl)
  • Coal the SkyWing (Boy)
  • Lily the Mudwing (Girl)
  • Lotus the Mudwing (Boy)
  • Heron the Mudwing (Girl)
  • Marsh the Mudwing (Girl)
  • Gator the Mudwing (Boy)
  • Cypress the Mudwing (Girl)
  • Creek the Mudwing (Girl)
  • Willow the Mudwing (Boy)
  • Onyx the Mudwing (Boy)
  • Nat the MudWing (Boy)
  • Granite the Mudwing (Boy)
  • Tremble the MudWing (Boy) War of the Queens
  • Obsidian the Nightwing (Boy)
  • Moon the Nightwing (Girl)
  • Star the Nightwing (Girl)
  • Sulstus the Nightwing (Boy)
  • Luna the Nightwing (Girl)
  • Eclipse the Nightwing (Girl) Prophecy
  • Cyrus the Nightwing (Boy)
  • Halfmoon the NightWing (Boy)
  • Violet the NightWing (Girl) 
  • Sand the Sandwing (Girl)
  • Sandstorm the Sandwing (Boy)
  • Scale the Sandwing (Boy)
  • Mirage the Sandwing (Girl)
  • Desert the Sandwing (Boy)
  • Palm the Sandwing (Girl)
  • Gold the Sandwing (Boy)
  • Armadillo the SandWing (Boy)
  • Dazzle the Rainwing (Girl)
  • Flower the Rainwing
  • Frog the Rainwing (Boy)
  • Salamander the Rainwing (Boy)
  • Spring the Rainwing (Girl)
  • Dew the Rainwing (Girl)
  • Autumn the Rainwing (Girl)
  • Leaf the Rainwing (Boy)
  • Fruit the Rainwing (Boy)
  • Rose the Rainwing (Girl)
  • Blossom the Rainwing (Girl)
  • Tropic the Rainwing (Girl)
  • Python the RainWing (Boy) The story of Queen Clam
  • Lychee the RainWing (Girl) The Story of Queen Clam