IceWings have silver scales like the moon, or pale blue like ice. Their ridged claws are used to grip

An Icewing

the ice, which is very useful where they live. They have forked blue tongues and tails that narrow to a whip-thin end. IceWings have many spikes that cover their neck and back in what seems like some sort of "armor".


IceWings can withstand subzero temperatures, and can exhale a deadly freeze-breath. In addition, they are unaffected by extremely bright light.


The Icewing queen has been in power for many years and raises a strong army. Her name is Queen Glacier, and it is unknown if she has any heirs-or, what there names are.


The IceWings are allied with Blaze and most of the SandWings in the Great War.

Students at jade mountain Edit

Jade Winglet - Winter

Gold Winglet - Icicle

Silver Winglet - Changbai

Coper Winglet - Alba

Quartz Winglet - Ermine